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More Hevylite™ kits launched

Hevylite™ Kits

Birmingham, 17 August 2010

Binding Site launches four new products from their growing portfolio of Hevylite assays, a novel immunoassay panel designed for analysis of immunoglobulin heavy/light chain pairs. Like Freelite™ serum free light chain assays, Hevylite is CE marked for use in monitoring patients with Multiple Myeloma and other B cell dyscrasias.

Hevylite IgA Kappa and Hevylite IgA Lambda are now available on Binding Site’s specialist protein analyser, SPAPLUS. Hevylite IgG Kappa and Hevylite IgG Lambda are also now available for the Siemens BNII™analyser. Results obtained using the Hevylite IgA Kappa and IgA Lambda assays for the Siemens BNII, launched in 2009, are already proving to be a clinically useful tool for monitoring these patients.

Hevylite is a panel of immunoassays using polyclonal antibodies targeted at unique junctional epitopes between heavy chain and light chain constant regions of intact immunoglobulins. The immunoassays can separately identify the different light chain types of each immunoglobulin class, i.e. IgAκ, IgAλ, IgGκ, IgGλ, IgMκ and IgMλ. These molecules are then measured in pairs, e.g. IgAκ/IgAλ, to produce ratios of monoclonal/background polyclonal immunoglobulin concentrations, in the same manner as serum free light chain κ/λ ratios (Freelite). These new automated assays offer increased sensitivity over serum protein electrophoresis for quantifying monoclonal immunoglobulins.

Paul Duncan, Sales & Marketing Director at Binding Site said;

“Not only are the Hevylite assays proving to be clinically useful for monitoring patients, but new evidence is emerging which illustrates the independent prognostic value of the Hevylite ratio.”

Not currently available in the USA