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Clinipak Ltd.

Moisture Solutions

Clinipak offer an extensive range of liners designed to absorb and spread condensate during autoclaving to encourage drier packs. As a result of our flexible production methods, bespoke sizes can be manufactured on request.

  • Tray Liners (80gsm)
Clinipak tray liners (80gsm) liners are produced with a finely creped medical quality paper. The high absorbency and rapid dispersion ensures condensate is removed during autoclaving, which encourages dry packs and improves the effectiveness of the sterilisation process. Tray liners can be used in or beneath all trays to protect against sharp basket corners.

  • Millennium Liners (40gsm)
Clinipak millennium blue liners are lightweight, user-friendly and produced with a matt blue finish to minimise glare. The liners are a 100% viscose-based dry laid product with a similar absorbency per unit area of our tray liners (80gsm).

  • Soaker sheets (140gsm)
Clinipak soaker sheets are used under trays to not only protect inner wraps from the sharp corners or feet on trays and baskets, but to absorb condensate during sterilisation. These sheets are manufactured from a heavier medical paper than our tray liners and can be used as a shelf liner for added protection from rough handling and wet packs.

  • Absorbent and protective mats
Clinipak absorbent mats consist of a strong polypropylene sheet that can be placed under trays to protect against sharp edges. The ‘dry’ version, with an added absorbent layer provides rapid moisture dispersion during steam sterilisation. Suitable for hydrogen peroxide sterilisation processes.

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