Modified PCR analysis for large-scale Fragile X screening -- MEDICA Trade Fair


The BioFactory Pte. Ltd.

Modified PCR analysis for large-scale Fragile X screening

FastFraX™ Kits

The Biofactory is proud to introduce a modified PCR analysis that will make large-scale screening of trinucleotide repeat disorders possible.

Though trinucleotide repeat disorders are a major group of diseases that can be passed from parents to offspring, large-scale screening is restricted as current diagnostic methods are long-drawn and laborious.

The Biofactory has a proprietary method of rapid screening, using a modified form of the decades-old Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique. The method has been applied for screening Fragile X syndrome, with the FastFraX™ Identification kit attaining the CE mark and achieving 100% sensitivity and >99.5% specificity in preliminary tests.

The time-saving protocol can be run on automated instruments already installed in laboratories worldwide. Additionally, PCR amplification and subsequent melt curve analysis can be seamlessly carried out one instrument, reducing the need for sample transfer and improving laboratory turnover efficiencies.

More information on the kit and underlying technology can be found at The Biofactory will also be exhibiting the kits at MEDICA 2014 in Hall 16/G54.