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Modern Pain Therapy at Home with TENS Technology

Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18, 2009) – At MEDICA (Düsseldorf, Germany, November 18 – 21), Panasonic will be showcasing its electro stimulators Panasonic THERAPY EW6011 and Panasonic THERAPY EW6021. These innovative devices for home-based pain therapy feature the latest TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology.

THERAPY uses gentle or strong impulses that go deep into the body’s tissues to relax muscles, relieve or block pain or encourage circulation, depending on the type of stimulation involved. The so-called gate control mechanism is used to block pain. It interrupts the transmission of pain signals by overlaying electrical stimulation pulses of the nerve paths. This method of therapy is recognized all over the world and hardly ever incurs side effects. Scientific studies have also shown that it encourages the body to produce its own pain-inhibiting substances (endorphins), thus helping to ensure fast pain relief.

Panasonic THERAPY is ideally suited for treating a number of ailments, for instance:
• Chronic and acute pain, e.g. back pain, lumbago, sciatica, tension, rheumatic discomfort, neuralgia
• Rehabilitation, e.g. building up muscles, disturbed sensation in muscles and nerves, to stimulate circulation
• Sports injuries and strain, e.g. tennis elbow, pulled muscles, muscle aches, pain in the shoulder and joints, tension

Healing impulses

The THERAPY stimulation devices EW6011 (1-channel stimulation) and EW6021 (2-channel stimulation) from Panasonic are GM-tested (product safety) by TÜV Rheinland. They offer selectable programs in addition to the possibility of individual variation of stimulus type and intensity. Thus, the treatment can be precisely tailored to the individual perception of pain. Panasonic THERAPY is also rather easy to use: The self-adhesive electrodes are applied at the points of the body where the greatest pain or discomfort is felt. The model EW6021 also has a self-explanatory display for program length and positioning to guarantee the correct position of the electrodes. The adhesive electrodes have been medically tested for cutaneous tolerance. They can also be easily cleaned with plain water and then be used for up to 400 times.

Treatment is possible with either two (Model EW6011), or four electrodes (Model EW6021). Thanks to operation via large dials, simple buttons and icons, older people will also find these units quite easy to use. Model EW6021 comes with eight automatic programs, six types of natural stimuli and 2-channel stimulation with four electrodes to maximize the area treated. It has dials for adjusting massage intensity and for balancing massage intensity between right and left-hand side. Thanks to 4-electrode multi-pulse stimulation, the electronic flow runs between the four pads in three different directions. This means that not only aching muscles, but also the surrounding muscles causing the pain are stimulated. Model EW6011 comes with six automatic programs, four types of natural stimuli and 1-channel stimulation with two electrodes for localized treatment. The massage intensity can be selected via a large dial. With 2-electrode stimulation, the electronic flow between the two pads only moves in one direction to provide direct treatment for aching muscles. To avoid unnecessary cable tangle, both models feature automatic cable retraction.

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