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Mobile Operating Table Made by TRUMPF for Universal Use in Everyday Surgical Work

The integrated pneumatic spring assists the OR staff
Ditzingen, Germany, January 27, 2009 – Long past are the days when considerable strength and force had to be applied when moving and adjusting surgical tables. “It’s quite clear: Full motorization can considerably reduce the effort demanded of the surgical staff and today is standard in many high-end operating tables,” sums up Michael Gräf, Product Manager Operating Tables at TRUMPF Medical Systems. “But then again, that pushes up the price at the same time. In an era of tight budgets, many hospitals are giving serious thought to what’s really and truly necessary. In some cases simpler tables will do – provided that they’re flexible and easy to use in day-to-day clinical service.”
For years now the Saturn Select has been a major success story at TRUMPF, a leading German manufacturer of medical technology, since it offers an affordable alternative to high-end operating tables. This mobile unit can be employed in any surgical discipline and is easy to handle. Taking the time-tested concept featuring an electrically adjustable column and manually adjustable table top as the basis, the engineers at TRUMPF have further enhanced the design and are presenting to the market a revamped, improved model.
Pneumatic springs let the surgical staff put the back and leg plates in the required positions without undue exertion. This also enhances safety when positioning the patient. The patient may rest on either the Comfort Plus upholstery or the optional viscoelastic FoamLine pads with its superb pressure-alleviation properties. Thanks to the generous leg room the traveling base offers, the surgeon and staff can assume a comfortable and relaxed posture while working up close to the patient.
Large double-swivel castors ensure that the operating table can be rolled into the desired surgical theater or treatment room conveniently and effortlessly. Nurses can easily move the table, carrying patients weighing up to 225 kilograms, despite soft or uneven floors. A motor raises the column to the desired height, responding to a remote control module or a keypad on the column itself. A low-height version of the table can be dropped to just 600 millimeters. That makes this an ideal choice for laparoscopic bariatric surgery. The maximum Trendelenburg slope is 35 degrees.
An available supplementary function is manual longitudinal shift through up to 250 millimeters. That eliminates collision hazards that might prevent the use of the C-arm for intraoperative diagnostics with the image enhancer. Carbon-fiber elements are also available to permit 360-degree fluoroscopy, supporting employment in neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery. The longitudinal shift can optionally be used with an integrated body elevator. This feature permits ergonomically correct and quick patient repositioning without having to reconfigure the table. These set-up options and the combination of the product features mentioned above make this operating table an economical “jack of all trades”. It can be used flexibly in every discipline and, when so doing, helps to optimize procedures.
The Saturn Select adheres to TRUMPF’s modularity principle. Its components can be interchanged and can also be used with other TRUMPF tables. The patented mechanical couplers make it as easy as possible for personnel to set up the operating table in any of a wide variety of configurations. Those couplers also ensure quick and error-free assembly.