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Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH

Mobile Clinic - Brings medical care to where it is needed

ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinic

On Stand No. FG5-04A in the outdoor area ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH will display an Internal Specialist system solution. This mobile clinic solution is to help provide medical service in areas that are medically undersupplied, that have a shortage of doctors.

The trailer-mounted mobile clinic is realized in a fully lightweight aluminium shelter that can even be towed by a car (3.5T). As such it is highly mobile and not limited to one type of towing vehicle and it gives access to rural areas.

At the MEDICA the Mobile Clinic will be equipped as an Internal Specialist Clinic. The Internal Specialist supports all the usual functions such as exercise ECG, fast analysis, general examination, etc.

A variety of standard configurations for different medical specialty areas are available, such as for: General medicine, Emergency physicians, Ophthalmologist, Dental, ENT Specialists, Gynecologists. ZMS designs and realizes additional medical systems, such as for lung specialists, mammography screenings, orthopedists, tropics doctors, etc., to customer specifications.