Centre Recherche Public Henri Tudor

Mobile Applications for Nutrition and Advancements in Medical Imaging Analysis to be Unveiled

The Nutrihealth research project developed to investigate nutrition related health topics and to develop online and mobile technologies focused on improving peoples’ wellbeing and ways the public can utilise nutrition information accessed via mobile devices. In order to meet the goal of using online and mobile technologies to help improve the wellbeing of users, a mobile app providing nutritional information for food products has been developed for both the iPhone® and Android® platforms. Stop by Hall 15 - A03 to learn more about Tudor's mobile apps and enter a contest to win a gift certificates for the Apple iTunes® store.

Iterative Reconstruction for Medical Imaging Evaluation

The digitalization of radiology images has created a wealth of information that can be used to improve the quality of medical images and to lower radiology dose levels for patients. In recent years, both the medical physics community and medical imaging manufacturers have focused their efforts on optimising examinations performed in hospitals. One promising new method in this process is the introduction of iterative reconstruction algorithms for the reconstruction of image data. Representatives from the R&D team responsible for this study will be on hand to discuss how the study will be carried out and the technologies that will be used to collect and analyse this potentially life-saving information.

For further information about R&D in the field of health care technologies at CRP Henri Tudor, please contact Norbert Roesch, santec@tudor.lu