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Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery Made Easy and Safe

The new MIS hip set made by TRUMPF

Intraoperative diagnostics, freedom of movement and safety can be combined for minimally invasive surgery, too. A new MIS hip set made by TRUMPF is the answer to achieving both greater freedom in positioning and safety while at the same time permitting intraoperative diagnostics.

Docked on a TRUMPF operating table and supported by special gas-filled struts, the MIS hip set lets nursing personnel put the patient’s leg into any required position under traction, simply and gently, in preparation for endoprosthetic replacement surgery or arthroscopy. To ensure unrestricted access, the leg being positioned can be extended, rotated and abducted or adducted by up to 45°. It is possible to combine all these movements. There’s nothing to get in the way of the surgeons and surgical staff during the operation since the MIS hip set is attached to the operating table in a more or less free-floating configuration, without floor supports.

In order to eliminate the possibility of misaligning the patient’s pelvic bone due to the extreme position, tandem-joint struts enable compensatory positioning of the other leg. If intraoperative diagnostics are needed, then that leg can easily be swung out of the range of the X-ray equipment. The set incorporates carbon-fiber-reinforced structures in the traction adapter and carbon-fiber struts. That makes for trouble-free use of the C-arm to examine the damaged hip. Here low-artifact 360-degree fluoroscopy of the entire pelvis is possible, important especially when dealing with fractures of the acetabulum.
Working in cooperation with patient positioning specialists, orthopedic surgeons and traumatologists, TRUMPF developed the MIS hip set especially for minimally invasive operations. As a "jack of all trades", it can also assist surgeons in just the same way during more conventional surgery – when securing pins under traction in order to stabilize fractures, for instance. The hallmarks of this new development are its slender design, low weight and a novel traction boot to keep the patient’s foot in the desired position, both reliably and comfortably.
The MIS hip assembly is one element in a new traction unit from TRUMPF, a unit distinguished by its modular concept. It can be combined with the JUPITER and TruSystem 7500 operating tables made by TRUMPF. Various traction components used to position the upper and lower arm are also included in the concept. An OR table with the new traction unit can carry patients weighing up to 160 kilograms.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness enjoy top priority when developing traction systems. "Low weight and ease of use were very important to us," says product manager Carolin Brand. "And the individual components have to be just as easy to use. The MIS hip set can, for instance, be operated with just one hand. Press a button to release it for movement, move it into the desired position with just one hand, and lock it in place again with a push button." That’s a further asset to the benefit of the surgical staff and thus, ultimately, to the patient.