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Miele: Automatic conveyors for decontamination units increase throughput

A meaningful addition to Miele's PG 8528 large-chamber decontamination unit are conveyors which can be configured to suit both application and site conditions. Conveyors enable washer-disinfectors to continue operation after normal working hours. This can considerably increase the capacity of a well organised central sterile supplies department.
Operatives simply need to arrange the load in suitable mobile units and to place the units on the infeed conveyor. The mobile unit is then automatically drawn in on the contaminated side of the operation as soon as the decontamination unit is vacant. An automatic load sensing system identifies the mobile unit and ensures that the correct reprocessing programme is run. At the end of a programme, the mobile unit is automatically discharged onto an outfeed conveyer where it remains parked until it is picked for transfer to repackaging tables. By this time, the next load waiting on the unclean side has already entered the decontamination unit for reprocessing.