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Mides: Cost-efficiency with „Gold Standard“

The Austrian medical technology company Mides presents a high-quality procedure for analyzing and repairing ultra sound probes at the MEDICA 2010 from 17. to 20.11. in Düsseldorf. Leading biophysicists have already been describing this as the "Gold Standard". For clinic and practice this means a saving of up to 70% compared to buying a new one.

Graz/ Düsseldorf October 2010. "We have been looking for a procedure for a long time that we could use for a high-quality and certified analysis and repair service for ultrasound probes. With our procedure, we are presenting the “Gold Standard” to the professional world at the MEDICA 2010 (Hall 10/ A39), as experts have already told us", explains Norbert Minarik, CEO of Mides GmbH based in Graz/Austria.
The advantages of the Mides analysis and probe repair system are obvious: with previous methods, there was no guarantee that a defective probe could be detected in a standard check. The full functionality of an ultrasound head depends on various factors such as type, period of use, handling and maintenance. The average useful life of a standard probe (probes which are used on the surface of the body) is five to seven years; with a TEE probe (Transesophageal Echocardiography probe, also called cardiological "swallowing probe"), this period is only one and a half to two years. Typical damage is leaky coatings, damage to the anti-kink protection and casing as well as bite damage or defective cable insulation. All these factors can lead to impairment of the image quality or failure of imaging. Up until a few years ago there was no alternative but for manufacturers to replace defective probes with new ones. However, if the probe is repaired, this means a saving of up to 70% for the customer compared to buying a new one.
At Mides-Austria defective probes are tested and analyzed in ultra-modern laboratory facilities as well as directly repaired in Graz/ Austria. Then after an extensive quality control and a live test at an ultrasonic device, the probes are sent back to the customer.
As a service provider, Mides not only provides perfect probe repair which is cost effective, but also a complete service: thanks to an extensive stock of courtesy probes, customers can always borrow probes whilst their own are being repaired.

Mides GmbH at the MEDICA 2010: (Hall 10/ A39)

About Mides:
Mides Medizintechnik GmbH based in Graz/Austria has been working with ultrasound equipment and ultrasound probes for 20 years and now supplies equipment to over 25 countries. Within four years, Mides had managed to position itself in the area of probe repairs on the European market. Mides already has 30 partners in its European Probe Repair Network, EPRN and employees staff of 34.