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Microbix to Unveil Dengue Virus Antigen Product Line at Medica

Mississauga, Ontario, June 29, 2011 - Microbix Biosystems Inc. (MBX:TSX), a Canadian biotechnology company that is already the world’s largest producer of Dengue virus antigens, is expanding its product line to help counter the infectious tropical disease’s dramatic rise. Microbix will unveil its new dengue virus antigens at MEDICA 2011, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, Nov. 16-19.

“Demand for Microbix’ dengue antigens from manufacturers of diagnostic tests has risen dramatically in the past four years,” says Kevin Koole, Microbix general manager. “Since 1997, we have been producing our purified Dengue 2 virus antigen that’s now used globally in the leading ELISA and rapid tests for the most common dengue serotype or strain of organism. But now we are announcing plans to also offer native purified Dengue 1, 3, and 4 serotypes. In other words, we’ll have the full range of dengue antigens on offer. That will allow our customers to incorporate all four serotypes into their tests and better serve markets and consequently help fight the disease where each serotype is prevalent.”

Dengue is endemic in much of the tropical world, and traveler’s infections are rising dramatically in the United States and Europe. The World Health Organization estimates over 40% of the world’s population are at risk of contracting dengue hemorrhagic fever, and over 500,000 people are hospitalized each year from the dreaded disease.

Diagnostic testing and surveillance are vital tools in the fight to control the spread of dengue virus.

“At MEDICA, we will also be enhancing the characterization and testing offered with each lot of our antigens, making them easier to use and more cost effective,” adds Koole. “Together with our expanded line of products, we will be enabling our customers to open previously closed doors, without increasing their costs.”

Also of note, Microbix recently expanded its sales force in Europe by opening a local office in Paris, France. The Company has also established distribution centres in China and India to ease overseas shipping costs. New distribution channels, along with a continually expanding and improving product line have made Microbix viral antigens the choice of nine of the world’s 10 largest diagnostic manufacturers.

Microbix antigens include:
Hepatitis A virus
Rubella virus
Dengue virus
Parainfluenza virus
Herpes Simplex 1&2
Measles virus
Influenza virus
Varicella-Zoster virus
Respiratory Syncytial virus
Epstein-Barr virus

At MEDICA 2011, Microbix will be exhibiting in Hall 3 as part of the Ontario, Canada pavilion and welcomes the media, visitors, and old friends.


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