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Meyra Sends Relief Supplies to Vocational School in Thailand

For the second time already, wheelchair manufacturer Meyra is sending a donation container to Thailand. Just in time for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, the relief supplies will be distributed there to students of the “Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities“ and to children from very poor families at the ”Day Care Center”.

Starting off in Kalldorf, a truck is leaving for Hamburg with the container. Once there, it gets loaded onto a ship. All in all, the journey will take six weeks. On December 3rd, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the donations will be handed out.
A good portion is intended for a vocational school for disabled children. ”At this school, adolescents with disabilities receive an education. They learn how to handle computer software for example. This is supposed to enable them to later be able to look after themselves. To provide them with the essential mobility, the Meyra Company is donating wheelchairs and other relief supplies”, explains Hans Mielke, Chairman of Works Council of Meyra and one of the main organizers.

On location, the distribution of goods is accompanied by Jens Maspfuhl, German Para Golf Champion and 1st Chairman of the German Accident and Disaster Relief. For several years now, Maspfuhl has collaborated with the Meyra Company. Two staff members from Kalldorf will also travel to Thailand and be there during unloading. However, Erik te Riele and Robert Hojnik are not just supervising the distribution of the donations: “Thanks to this donation campaign we were also able to establish business contacts in Thailand at the same time. Orders from here increase our production and strongly strengthen the Kalldorf headquarters. This is another side effect of a good cause“, reports Hans Mielke.

Jens Maspfuhl, who came to Kalldorf especially to watch the containers depart, is very delighted that the donation campaign could once again be set in motion. ”Unfortunately, charity work is little known in Thailand. Most projects of this kind are organized by foreigners. The Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities is an initiative of the Father Ray Foundation, a foundation that was created by an American. It is important that young adults receive an education. The collaboration with the Meyra Company helps a lot in this regard“, says Jens Maspfuhl.

Also inside the container are 150 teddy bears. Those are intended for the “Day Care Center” for children from very poor families. This facility is also part of the “Father Ray Foundation“. Migrant workers living in slums can drop off their children here every morning. The little ones are between two and four years old and receive total care at the Center. “Toys, a school uniform and a place to take an afternoon nap are offered here. In addition, the children get something to eat. The children also do exercises to improve their speech. The parents have to pledge to also send the children to school afterward. This way the children get a chance at a future. This is not a matter of course among the poorest of the poor in Thailand“, Maspfuhl explains.

The German Ambassador to Thailand, Rolf Schulze, has assumed the patronage for this campaign. Aside from the company from Kalldorf, musician Norbert Görder from Kalldorf and his production company Taff Staff Music from Herford support this campaign with his song “Make that change”.

Written by Meike Sasse