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Merivaara Teams up With Barco

Clinical evaluation of the new OpenOR™ at Helsinki University Hospital

Finnish company Merivaara is launching a new version of its integrated operating room system, OpenOR™ over IP. It makes use of medically certified IP technology, which enables high quality video transmission with zero latency. Based on open architecture and modularity, the new system decreases the need for large investments thus helping healthcare providers save costs. The Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) is among the first to take the new system into use.

Video streaming plays a significant role in many surgical procedures. It is of utmost importance that the image transmission both within the operating theatre and to, for example, consultants outside the room are of the highest quality. The transmission technology of the new system allows streaming of unpacked audio, video and image feeds - such as HD, 3D as well as PiP, PaP - without latency. This has a positive impact on surgical performance and patient safety. With its intuitive touch-screen user interface, OpenOR™ allows the surgical team to easily manage, edit and record images and video from various different sources, as well as a way to consult and train remotely.

Implementation of similar systems often requires extensive investment. However, as the new OpenOR™ is based on modularity and open architecture, it can be integrated with existing equipment and ICT systems. This delivers several benefits: not only can hospitals optimize the life-cycle of their medical devices and schedule the capital investments without linking them to the implementation of the OR integration system; the surgical team can select the devices they prefer to use, as well as gradually adding functionality to the system. In addition, the fibre based network with its universal network cable ensures efficient use of mobile devices such as imaging and endoscopic instruments, as these can easily be transferred from one operating theatre to another. They can also be connected to the system with a simple plug’n play way via a single connector.

The latest version of Merivaara’s OpenOR™ solution incorporates Nexxis™, a unique IP-based imaging and audio management platform from Barco, a leading global provider of networked visualisation solutions with over 20-years of experience in the healthcare.

”We began our cooperation about a year ago. The development project has progressed extremely quickly. Now we are first to the market introducing an integrated operating room solution, which includes device and image management as well as transmission technology, which all are approved for use in medical environments”, says Pasi Kankaanpää, Head of Merivaara’s INTEGRA business.

“The use of, and sharing of high tech equipment in the operating room is increasing. To reduce system complexity, integrating devices and image management is becoming crucial, comments Luc Colle, Vice President of Sales, EMEAI region, at Barco HealthCare. By combining our expertise we can help surgical teams improve their workflow and hospitals to save costs. Thanks to Merivaara’s flexibility and open architecture-based software they have been able to proceed to market extremely quickly. We are proud to be working with Merivaara and to be able to announce the results of our collaboration at MEDICA.”

Helsinki University hospital, renowned for high-quality medical care, will soon begin installation of the new fibre-based OpenOR™ over IP system starting in 2014. The project will continue throughout the year and into 2015.

The first, standard version of OpenOR™ was launched in late 2012. The system has been well received and is currently in use in several hospitals. Developed in Finland, OpenOR™ is part of Merivaara’s INTEGRA solution business.

Merivaara showcases the new OpenOR™ over IP solution at MEDICA 2013, Hall 14 booth E05 on November 20th to 23rd 2013. Barco will showcase Nexxis™ on their booth in Hall 15, booth E18.

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