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Merivaara Corp.

Merivaara Introduces Revolutionary Concepts for the Operating Theatre

Merivaara displays its solutions for operating room, maternity unit and patient ward, and offers daily demos on different operating table setups in Hall 14, at stand E05.

Revolutionary new concept for integrated operating room management

Merivaara INTEGRA™ is a revolutionary new concept to integrate operating room functions and help healthcare providers improve workflows and increase efficiency. The system integrates key control functions, such as image and video management, operating table and light control, and remote consultation into a single system. In addition to its intuitive touch-screen user interface, the system is also based on an open architecture which gives the team freedom to choose both from the functions and devices it wants to control.

Modern concept for controlling operating tables

Merimote™ is a new concept for controlling operating tables in a simple manner. With its intuitive touch screen and clear symbols, Merimote™ guides the user through different table positions. Case and/or surgeon specific positions can also be stored in the memory of the remote control. By using these memorised positions, the surgical team can increase turnover times and focus more on the patient.

Promerix operating table with new features

Merivaara’s electro-hydraulic operating table, Promerix™, is presented with a range of new features. These include
• An electric drive wheel with forward and backward movements thus offering improved ergonomics in patient transport
• Interface with the Storz OR1 system, which means the Promerix operating table can now be managed through the system.

New hydraulic table for demanding climate conditions

The new Practico™ Manual is a versatile manually operated table model that enables a wide range of configurations for general and special surgery also in sites lacking electricity or where hydraulic adjustments are preferred. Additionally, the rust proof table top design makes the table suitable also for demanding climate conditions.

Surgical LED lights in new shape

At Medica 2012, Merivaara presents its MeriLED™ in a new design. Available in two different sizes, MeriLED L5 (160 klux) and MeriLED L3 (130 klux), and with several advanced features, the light is suitable for all types of surgical procedures.

Comfortable childbirth with three new delivery bed models
The new Optima™ delivery bed is being launched in three different models: 4-motor, 2-motor and hydraulic. Designed in cooperation with midwives, particular focus has been on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create a better environment for mother, newborn and the nursing staff. Being fully modular, the Optima delivery bed is suitable for all stages of labour and can adapt to individual customer needs. Offering a wide range of positions in the same unit, Optima enhances comfort and minimises the risk of awkward postures and strain.

Comfortable and economic bed for the patient ward

Adatto™ is a new 4-sectional bed providing comfort for patients and nursing staff. It’s a cost-effective and long-lasting option for any patient ward.