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Memory® Care Concept – with Aloe vera: The New Generation of Medical Stockings

The appearance of fashionable sheer stockings - a soft feel and breathing activity. Modern medical stockings have little in common with the rubber stockings of yesteryear. Compression therapy has become increasingly acceptable to patients over the last few years. However, extremely dry skin is also a problem that people with vein problems often have to contend with. Lack of circulation, nutrient insufficiency and the tightness of the medical stockings (which is necessary for medical reasons) mean that additional moisturising is required.

The new Memory® care concept with Aloe vera now provides the solution!
Healthy compression and skin care, all in one. The Memory care concept is based on the gentle healing power of Aloe vera. This tropical plant has been used in cosmetics for many years due to its soothing, antioxidant effect, and even Cleopatra was aware of the preservative effect of Aloe vera gel on the skin.

Registered for patent – 1000 pinpoint microcapsules
With the aid of nanotechnology we have succeeded in utilising the soothing extracts of Aloe vera during yarn manufacture. The Aloe vera extract is incorporated into the yarn during the manufacturing process and retained for long periods because of the special microencapsulation, which still releases Aloe vera onto the skin after more than 100 washes. This patented microencapsulation is the difference between this material and other functional textiles with supplementary therapeutic features, many of which become ineffective after just a few washes.

Even more wearing comfort and therapeutic effect for the patient!
This innovation makes the stockings more comfortable for the patient to wear than conventional medical stockings. The soothing effect of the Aloe vera helps to reduce itching and prevents the skin from drying out. Memory® care concept medical stockings are also easier to pull on over smooth, healthy skin.

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