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Meiko advertising and communication now rated as

The Offenburg, Germany-based mechanical engineering firm Meiko regularly receives awards for its revolutionary technology in the field of commercial dishwashing machines. Now the long-established company with a history stretching back over 87 years has also been elevated to the ranks of the best German-language advertisers. The company's new brand campaign was recently honoured in the "Industrial Goods/B2B" category of the 2014 Year of Advertising (Jahr der Werbung) awards, previously known as the Advertising Yearbook.

In a press release, the company said that its in-house communication department had worked closely with the advertising agency "agenturwitt" from Freiburg on a brand relaunch strategy designed to highlight the company's leadership as an established brand for professional dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection. Jan Adolph, Creative Director at Meiko, explains how the campaign evolved: "We took our cue from the fountain which has been anchored in the Meiko logo since 1927 as a source of purity and clarity and built that into a globally relevant Meiko brand strategy. The new brand environment focuses on the fountain as a social hub and as a symbol of Meiko's clean solutions."
The renowned Hamburg-based photographer Florian Geiss was one of the key figures who worked on the brand campaign. The Art Directors Club Germany (ADC) awarded him a Golden Nail in recognition of his outstanding work on the project, while the Lürzer's Archive advertising industry magazine included Geiss in the
2014/2015 edition of its book "200 Best Ad Photographers
Worldwide". Meiko's campaign made use of all the relevant
channels including print, digital, events, PR and promotions.

One particular aspect of the launch of the new M-iClean generation of dishwashers which particularly impressed the Year of Advertising jury and secured the campaign a place on the short list was the multimedia "Beauty Case". This was presented to selected customers to mark the product launch and was singled out for praise by the jury: "Firmly anchored in the Meiko fountain concept, it makes full use of the Beauty of Cleaning theme. The elaborate case featuring a hologram on the exterior includes a brochure, a DVD, a newsletter and a pen gift set."

Klaus Engesser, Director Sales and Marketing MEIKO Group, is delighted with the attention the campaign has received: "We're tremendously proud that the new M-iClean not only meets our customers' demanding requirements but also boasts an ad campaign that reflects the same levels of professionalism, quality and innovation as the product itself. It's fantastic that this has now been recognized by such a prestigious jury."

The Advertising Yearbook, which has been published every year since 1963, documents advertising campaigns in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The jury is composed of clients, creative professionals, agency strategists, and media and trade press representatives. The Advertising Yearbook exclusively features advertising and communication campaigns rated as outstanding by the jury.