Meiko: Clean from every angle

Professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfecting – that is our element. The plain glasswasher, the small dishwasher with variable settings, flight and rack conveyors, fully automated systems with customized conveyor technology, cleaning and disinfection equipment for hospitals and care homes: MEIKO offers the full range of clean solutions.

Image: Fully equipped cleaning station in the hospital; Copyright: Meiko


We like to keep the bigger picture in mind: people, natural resources and the environment. In our opinion, a truly clean solution needs to offer decisive added value. Clean and sparkling dishes on the one hand, clean and fair-minded business relations on the other - combined with environmental responsibility, high economic efficiency and safe operation.

White Magic

Where help is required for those who are sick or in need of care, MEIKO springs into action. We know just how crucial cleanliness and hygiene are in hospitals and care homes. From the single device to the fully equipped nursing environment, we devise pristine solutions for cleaning and disinfecting care utensils. We have a preference for stainless steel – in laboratories and hygiene institutes around the world, experts appreciate this durable, easily maintained material for its outstandingly hygienic properties. Our product range is attractively finished in a clear design style and our special MEIKO steel lends an aesthetic touch to any surface. It brings calm clarity to the care environment – perfect planning that is ideal for optimised, ergonomic workflows. MEIKO has already thought through the next steps. Our practical accessories from cupboards to shelves and basins tangibly enhance the comfort and functionality when equipping work stations. MEIKO creates a clean sheen – and conjures up a smile.

Image: Banner of Meiko with information concerning the presentation at MEDICA 2016; Copyright: Meiko
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