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Medisize Offers Innovative Solutions for Airway Management in the Global Healthcare Market

Special attention for:
 Medisize Compact Exhalation Valve
The smart solution for single limb breathing circuits. Medisize’s R&D and engineering department developed a compact high quality expiration valve with a low resistance. The very low noise level is far below the noise level of benchmark products.
 Medisize Hygrovent Gold.
The Medisize Hygrovent Gold combines the benefits of an HME with the features of active humidification. Use of the Hygrovent Gold makes it possible to administer additional moisture and heat in a very simple, safe way that is self-regulating.
 Publication of “Humidification Performance of 48 Passive Airway Humidifiers” Chest magazine, February 2009.
This research compared 48 HME’s using a bench test apparatus that simulated real-life physiologic ventilation conditions. Hygrometric and resistance values were measured. The conclusion is that the Medisize Hygrovent is the best performing HME in the study.

New in 2009:
Improvements to the Medisize Zephyros.
The developments around the Medisize Zephyros, our dedicated non-invasive ventilator, are proceeding continuously. We are happy to announce the arrival of new software for our breathing machine. It is now a complete ICU ventilator with the possibility to ventilate intubated patients, with tube compensation. Also apnea back-up is now integrated. Many extra parameters can be monitored now.

Another great new feature is the addition of a battery. The Medisize Zephyros can now be used without power for half an hour.

All in all, lots of new features on the new generation of the Zephyros. Time to visit our booth and find out more on the Medisize Zephyros!