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Medisize Airway Management

Medisize is developing and manufacturing its own respiratory care systems. We offer a complete product range for filtration and humidification, filters with or without HME, breathing circuits, catheter mounts, masks and connectors. An extensive line of single-use and reusable accessories completes our respiratory care program.

Visit our booth to see the improved HME Booster!
The new Medisize HME Booster is ready to meet the demands of today. A re-design of the HME Booster is completed. The new HME Booster Heater provides more feedback to the end user and has improved monitoring features. Furthermore housing is completely redesigned for easier en safer handling.

The Medisize HME Booster combines the simplicity of an HME with the features of active humidification. Use of the HME Booster makes it possible to administer additional heat and moisture in a very simple, safe way that is self regulating.

• New electronics, latest technology
• More feedback to the user
• Improved protection against water
• Improved handling
• Administers additional moisture and heat raising absolute and relative humidity
• Controls the temperature of respiratory gasses
• Simple, minimal time required for operation
• Eliminates “rain out” common with active humidification
• Requires minimal level of capital investment
• Lower cost per patient when using heated active humidification systems