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Core Scientific Creations Ltd.

Medical devices for Advanced Bleeding Control

Core Scientific Creations develops and manufactures medical devices in the field of Advanced Bleeding Control.
It is our mission to be innovative, creative and work directly with professional care givers in the development of new products and methods of application.
We are first and for most a scientific company dedicated to bringing knowledge and proven products to the end user.

The establishment of Core Scientific Creations was the end of an 8 year working relationship with patients, care givers and academic leaders.
After many years representing leading medical manufacturers, selling products and solutions, we reached the conclusion that it is not enough.
It’s not enough because we thought that our end user experience is not met by available products.
It’s not enough because our scientific background and research capabilities exposed a gap of existing knowledge available to the end user.
This realisation led us to begin our own research and development, leading to clinical trials and the establishment of a dedicated manufacturing line.
All these aspects combined, have created a platform to do what we think we do best:
“Harnessing Science for Care”.

CSC is an entity created by people who are motivated by genuine care. some of us coming from the application side as care givers and some from the bio technological side as scientific researchers.
We decided to take on the challenge of introducing life saving technologies equipped with all the knowledge behind needed to help care givers make educated decision both in real time and in calm environments, always thinking of the patient and his well being as if he was us.
Our team shares the common goal to bring new ways of treatment, scientifically advanced, manufactured to the highest standard that will improve the immediate treatment! capabilities and better the healing process of patients.

Yuval Yaskil Founder & CEO