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German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e. V.

Medical Technology in Action

The member organizations of the German Healthcare Export Group e.V. (GHE) represent producers of the full spectrum of medical technology offerings, from stethoscopes to operating theater robots. As a dynamic demonstration of the practical application of their products, the GHE has produced multiple film episodes to tie their solutions to real life challenges. In each film a unique situation is presented whereby devices are shown in action.

The episodes involve the themes of ‘Telemedicine’, ‘Problematic Births’, ‘Surgeons in Training’ and ‘Precision Equipment in the Operating Theater’. Each of the episodes shows a practical scenario where a product of the GHE member companies is used by doctors and medical professionals to improve the quality of care in both emergency and clinical care situations. To emphasize the international focus of the member bodies of the GHE, each film is staged in another continent and takes into account the regional individualities of providing care.
The new episode films are on the website of the GHE for you to view.