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Medical LED Illumination System for the Operating Room

ACEM will present the new Medical illumination system for the operating room comprising OT – STARLED, the new and revolutionary lamp which offers perfect lightning for every situation, and STARLED 3 EVO. They are both made with LED technology which guarantees the best working conditions for the surgeon as well as for the medical team in the operating room producing clear brightness, without infrared rays and with a steady colour rendering over time.

OT – STARLED has unique and completely innovative characteristics which grant:
• high performance illumination for every type of surgery
• clear and sharp brightness at 160.000 lux (self-limited)
• exceptional duration ensuring easier management and safe investments for the future
• IR-free light without heat in the surgical area, on the operator’s head and around the operating area
• steady colour rendering over the time
• ACRIS®, an intelligent system patented by ACEM
• shadows reduction in the operating area and total illumination of the surface and at depth – Brightness Adaptor which thanks to some obstructions detector sensors, spots surgeon’s head, shoulders or hands constantly to distribute the LED light quantity in a more regular way producing a homogeneous light on the operating area
• A revolutionary control system patented by ACEM, I – SENSE®, an accurate, functional and easy-readable system provided with an operating parameters storage that simplifies the switching among the different operational modes (standard, automatic, ambient)
• ergonomics for an extraordinary familiarity in use and quick and easy positioning for the medical team
• a range for the integration of multimedia solutions
• LIGHT – UP®, another innovative system patented by ACEM, that thanks to light beams ensures adjustable illumination levels according to different applications
The high quantity of LEDs circularly positioned and shared out into 7 groups (with 3 LEDs each one) around the handle and other 7 groups (with 7 LEDs each one) circularly positioned in the handle, represent a great news for OT – STARLED to generate a light spot from 21 cm to 1 m with 70 LEDs with a high illumination level of 160.000 lux (self-limited) and a steady life cycle of 50.000 hours.In the Medical Illumination system for the operating room proposed by ACEM, along with OT – STARLED comes STARLED 3 EVO. The latter is also made with LED technology, which guarantees an unparalleled luminous quality providing a colour temperature of 5.000° K.

Fully digitalized, STARLED 3 EVO is controlled by microprocessors with double controls for light intensity adjustment and visualization.

It is compact, stable and manageable associated with a design expressly studied to be easily cleaned, compatible with laminar flows and easy to use. The central handle, with a wide protection collar is characterized by a fast and practical unhooking system that meets the highest hygiene requirements, in fact, it can be easily removed and sterilized.
OT – STARLED handle has the same characteristics. Furthermore, it is provided with a standard video camera that can be integrated inside the central handle or positioned on a separate arm with serial USB interface. They are compatible with all ACEM monitors allowing a recording and video imaging consultation meeting the highest technical characteristics in the operating room.