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Medical Esthetics

Besides the IPL models we carry a selected range of body shaping and anti-aging products.

First Toplite Cosmetic Systems X-PRESSION achieves the best results on the way to a dream figure. Whether circumference reduction, cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage massage or sport or wellness programs offer specially developed high technology from the medical and therapeutic range for cosmetic applications.

The mechanical compressions by systematically working air chambers is a quick and relaxing method that makes it possible to drain toxins and remove obstructions. The disposal of water-and fat deposits of the body is promoted.

X-PRESSION is good for improving the following problems:

- swelling of the legs and ankles

- poor blood circulation

- lymphostasis

- water retention

- fat deposits

Fat effectively treat ...

Figure problems such as fat deposits and cellulite can cause dissatisfaction and even gnaw on self-confidence. The X-SHAPE method produced results that have been achieved through plastic surgery.

The goal of treatment is to visibly reduce the fat pad and the narrowing of cellulite, as well as the significant tightening of the skin. The synergetic combination of bipolar radio frequency, soft-light and vacuum rotary Massage sets new standards for a good, healthy body and a pleasant feeling.

Toplite Cosmetic Systems X-SHAPE support:

• reducing the scope

• fat loss

• the improvement of cellulite

• the reduction of stretch marks

• tightening of the skin after liposuction or diets

• the anti-aging treatment

Fast and effective treatment of skin aging

The new collagen is used for regeneration and thus rejuvenating the skin. Our own ability to regenerate the skin, the use of IR (infrared light in the visible range), EP supports (bipolar radiofrequency energy) and the vacuum massage massive. Regaining a youthful appearance of the skin is clearly visible.

By X-LIGHT method you achieve using the unique light emitting best results in skin rejuvenation to the face and all over his body. The treatment principle is based on the application of a concentrated beam of infrared light in the dermal-epidermal function zone. This connects the epidermis and the dermis and is of utmost importance for the aging process. A slowly rising temperature treatment prevents thermal stress on the adjacent skin structures and stimulates long-term collagen formation.

Treatment Financial highlights:

1. Tighten and lift the facial contour

2. Improvement in skin elasticity and skin density

3. Wrinkle reduction

4. Stimulating the metabolism to promote collagen regeneration

5. Pore reduction

6. Stimulates the lymphatic flow for faster removal of waste products