Huckert's International

Medical Device UMONIUM38® Air Control Removes Bad Smells and Sanitizes the Atmosphere

A recent laboratory study showed an exceptional virucidal activity which destructed un-enveloped viruses (Polio- and Adeno-virus according to the European Standard EN 14476-2005) in 30 seconds. This activity helps fighting winter infections (colds and flu). Moreover, an additional study demonstrated that the number of highly resistant mycobacteria (M. terrae and M. avium) could be decreased by 5 logs after an incubation of five minutes (European Standard EN 14348-2005). This latter mycobactericidal characteristic is of particular interest for preventing the transmission of Koch bacillus, the tuberculosis agent.

These two unique and major features provide the healthcare sector with a perfect tool capable of eradicating bad and tenuous odours. They help erase the airborne transmission of severe pathogens in risky environments such as intensive care units, emergency rooms, surgical quarters, microbiology laboratories and other areas. The distilled natural substances of leaves and tree barks diffuse strong remnant active principles.