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Medical Device Design And Development Expertise Delivers Optimised Patient Outcomes at Lower Cost

Düsseldorf, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand, 4th November -- New Zealand company Adept has focused its extensive expertise in medical design and development to build a pipeline of medical devices that provide the same optimal patient care as current complex and expensive equipment, but with a substantially reduced impact on healthcare resources. The initial focus will be on supportive care and chronic disease management products.

At Medica 2009, Adept will showcase the first product from the pipeline, Adept IVO, which provides an optimised infusion solution for the hospitalised patient. Infusion systems, usually electronic pumps, are used to deliver hydration fluids, electrolyte infusions, blood and to administer IV medications. Current pumps are expensive to buy but even more costly to run. The Adept IVO provides all the necessary safety and control of electronic infusion systems but without the associated complexity and high costs. Adept estimates the cost of the IVO will be less than half of most electronic pumps, with running costs reduced to between 50-90%. The Adept IVO is scheduled for launch late 2010. The device can be seen at the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise stand in exhibition Hall 17, Stand A58.

“Medical knowledge has made significant gains in recent years but this also has been matched by spiralling cost, particularly in first world countries. However, the challenges of managing diminishing resources is felt even more keenly in developing countries where even the most basic medical solutions are not provided let alone access to treatments considered standard in first world hospitals,” said Sean Reeves, Clinical Development Manager, Adept. “Advances in science and technology should now allow us to provide high tech solutions to the core needs of healthcare systems struggling to balance best patient outcomes against treatment costs, no matter where they are located.”

About Adept
Adept is a complete product development & manufacturing service. We take ideas through research, design, tooling and manufacture into commercial reality. Operating from central Auckland we service the product development requirements of New Zealand’s major companies and research institutions as well as SMEs, start ups and entrepreneurs. Our subsidiary companies, Adept Meat and Adept Medical commercialise a portfolio of proprietary products.

Our integrated product development process has become the most powerful way of creating value for our clients. This literally takes your idea and delivers a manufactured product ready for market launch. Alternatively we can work with you at any stage of the process to create distinctive value and competitive advantage. We understand the complexities and pitfalls of commercialisation through launching our products. To ensure your idea successfully navigates these issues we can partner with you, ensuring your idea improves people’s lives. Further information can be found at


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