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MedicCleanAir, Division of Walsberghe

MedicCleanAir® Company – innovative Belgium at its best

MedicCleanAir® was introduced in the Middle East in 2003. A period of 8 years was needed to educate, explain and give the necessary training to hospitals, engineers, and government officials to point out the benefits of the use of this technology.

MedicCleanAir® technology instantly reduces the infection rates in hospitals , any shortage in isolation rooms can be solved within ½ day work.

MedicCleanAir® specializes in air purification (clinically proven efficiency on air quality for high care areas) and in negative/positive pressure rooms (with JCI Accreditation).

12 years of clinically proven track record with highly ranked University hospitals and with governmental specialists in infection control and epidemiology.

15 highly cited publications on the effectiveness of MedicCleanAir® technology from Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Iran, India, and Saudi Arabia.

With thanks to the Saudi partner – Dr. Hassan Abu AlKas of Banaja Medical Company -, the yearly turnover of MedicCleanAir business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now passed the 1 mio euro.

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