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MediConnect® - your key to modern healthcare

Each medical institution performs a large number of clinical taks for each patient. questions are asked, the pationt is examined, lab values are measured and/or technical examinations may be performed.

MediConnect® structures teh complete clinical process through an order management system and manages the processes with decision oriented examination orders (templates). As each line is stored upon completion of the order a structured electronic medical record is created.

1. Hospital information systems, practice management software and medical devices can transmit information to or receive information from MediConnect® and/or initiate processes.
2. The user may define the scope and contents of clinical work.
3. The user will obtain findings for technical examinations at the medical devices and document these in MediConnect®.
4. The user will document all clinical information including findings, whenever possible in a structured format and create an electronic medical record. The user can apply recorded information for one or several diseases over time.
5. Electronic medical records can be filtered and consolidated into reports for individual patients (e.g. doctor’s letter) and patient groups for clinical and economic purposes.