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MedX Health Corp.

MedX Releases New Laser Products for Smoking Cessation Therapy

MedX Health Expands Smoking Cessation Therapy Program to EU with New Acupuncture Laser Device

Toronto, Canada, September 18, 2009 – MedX Health Corp., (TSXV.MDX) a global leader in developing drug free, non-invasive low level laser and light therapy for tissue repair and pain relief, today announced that the company will be expanding its North American Smoking Cessation Therapy Program into Europe and will be meeting new worldwide distributors as a first-time exhibitor at Medica’s 2009 41st World Forum for Medicine, International Trade Fair with Congress. Earlier in 2009 MedX Health had announced the establishment of its first European Distribution Center in The Netherlands, following receipt of the CE Mark approval to market and sell the family of MedX laser and light products in all 25 European Union (EU) and three European Free Trade Association Member (EFTA) states, MedX, better serving its EU and EFTA customers.

“We made a strong commitment to globalize our laser and light products, and we are well on our way with the establishment of our Distribution Center in The Netherlands, obtaining CE Mark for all laser and light products, and rapidly expanding our worldwide network of new distributors,” states Steve Guillen, President and CEO of MedX Health. “The Medica meeting brings together our current and potential partners to share their ideas and products, and our participation will accelerate our success in the global market.”

Smoking Cessation Therapy

Utilizing Laser Acupuncture Treatments

Benefits - Laser Acupuncture Treatments are a drug-free, safe, painless and highly effective solution for smoking cessation.

MedX has over a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing ground-breaking laser and light therapy technology. For a decade, MedX's reliable laser and light devices have been extensively used in rehabilitation and sports medicine, and more recently in the dental arenas. This expertise has now been incorporated into the MedX Laser Probe devices for use to effectively treat people that desire to stop smoking and without the use of drugs.

MedX Tethered Laser Probe and Console

The tethered MedX Laser Probe is powered and controlled by the MedX 1100 console for fast, easy set-up. The Laser Probe delivers 200 mW of infrared energy using an 808 nm GaAIAs infrared laser diode and visible red guide light. The ergonomic design ensures simplicity of use and accuracy for auricular and body acupuncture applications. The MedX Laser Probe fibre optic light guides have been developed specifically for Smoking Cessation and other Addiction Programs. See the website for MedX Portable Laser Probe

“While the use of laser therapy in addiction is not a new concept, it has not been well-documented and it is important that MedX conduct these meaningful studies to confirm the efficacy of our laser and established treatment protocols for these addictions. This would lead to a more cost-effective way to treat addiction,” states Steve Guillen, president and CEO of MedX Health. “This is just the beginning for our worldwide launch in laser acupuncture with our MedX laser probe. Our goal is to institute a safe and effective standard of care for those suffering from substance abuse and the serious medical conditions that can result from drug, alcohol, and smoking addictions,” adds Guillen.

Visitors can visit with MedX management and see the Laser technology live at the Medica Conference to be held at Dusseldorf, Germany on November 18th-21st . Please visit the MedX Booth located in Hall 5, Space N40