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Pointe Scientific, Inc.

MedTest introduces the pointe scientific cystatin C* reagent

(Canton, Michigan) – MedTest introduces the Pointe Scientific Cystatin C* Reagent.

The reagent is a latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay for the quantitative determination of Cystatin C in human serum, heparinized-plasma, or EDTA-plasma. The reagent can be used on many automated clinical chemistry analyzers. The reagent kit with an assay range of 0.2 to 8.0 mg/L shows excellent correlation with other commercially available assays.

Cystatin C is mainly used as a biomarker of kidney function. Unlike creatinine results for estimating glomerular filtration rates (eGFR), Cystatin C is not dependent on age, sex, race, weight or other parameters. It is widely published to be a better indicator of early kidney damage and can determine more accurately and more quickly any changes in renal function. Recently, it has been reported that the use of Cystatin C alone or in combination with creatinine strengthens the association between eGFR and the risks of death and end-stage renal disease across diverse populations**.

About MedTest: MedTest is a diagnostics company that provides automated, fast, and cost effective blood and urine testing solutions for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drugs of abuse, pain management and wellness testing. In June 2013, MedTest acquired Pointe Scientific, a company that has been developing, manufacturing and distributing clinical diagnostic products including clinical chemistry reagents and instruments in the United States and internationally since 1981.

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Ted Newel
Marketing Manager

* For Research Use Only in the USA. Not available for clinical human blood testing in the USA

** Shlipak MG, et al, Cystatin C versus Creatinine in Determining Risk Based in Kidney Function, N Engl J Medicine 2013; 369: 932-43.