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Arc Devices Ltd

MedTemp range brings protection and connectivity to healthcare professionals

ARC Devices invite health professionals and distributors attending this year’s MEDICA trade show to witness the future of temperature monitoring with its MedTempTM range.

MEDICA 2014, in Dusseldorf on 12th to 15th November, sees the unveiling of MedTemp1TM, the first product in a range of digital non touch thermometers, designed to take Connected Health and infection control to the next level.

Non touch thermometers from ARC allow for effective infection control and have become a vital part of the fight against the spread of Ebola and other infectious diseases, as being non touch they provide added protection to healthcare professionals. This key feature is essential when seeking to reduce cross-infection in any healthcare environment.

ARC Devices has chosen Europe's most high profile medical trade fair to showcase their brand new MedTemp1TM device, which through its sensor technology provides twice the accuracy of any other thermometer on the market.

Dr Roisin Molloy, International Sales Director is excited by the developments at ARC. “By working with our R&D partners we have already been able to transform the non touch thermometer technology. We are in the process of finalising a suite of products, for consumer and clinical use.”

The MedTempTM non touch thermometers are technically advanced products, designed to revolutionise vital signs monitoring and to meet the future needs of Connected Health networks across the globe.

Upcoming products in the range will allow healthcare professionals to take a patient's temperature and update their medical files at the push of a button, by combining Wi-Fi and infrared technology.

Key benefits of MedTemp TM Range:
• Twice the accuracy of other thermometers
• Five times the cost saving of other thermometers
• Reduces the risk of cross-infection
• Connects to electronic medical records
As new products become available in the range, ARC is offering all purchasers of MedTemp1TM an upgrade plan to future proof the hospital’s connectivity needs.


For further information about ARC products, distributors can contact:

Dr. Roisin Molloy, International Sales Director, E-mail:, Tel: +44289002 0640