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Measurement accuracy - German high blood pressure association award

Measurement accuracy - Deutsche Hochdruckliga (German high blood pressure association) award for Beurer BM 55 und BM 75

The Deutsche Hochdruckliga e.V. DHL® (German high blood pressure association) awards the seal of approval to both the BM 55 and BM 75 upper arm blood pressure monitors for their measurement accuracy. The clinical tests were carried out in accordance with DIN EN 540 regulations and recommendations of the World Health Organisation. Both products have already been decorated with various awards, proving their status as first-class measuring devices.

BM 55 – upper arm blood pressure monitor

The BM 55 medical product had already been crowned blood pressure monitor of the year by the Bundesverband Deutscher Apotheker e.V. (Federal Association of German Pharmacists) in January 2014. The award from the Deutsche Hochdruckliga (German high blood pressure association) is the second award this year – this time for the measurement accuracy of the device. The patented resting indicator* plays a significant role in the device's success. With this device, Beurer offers a first-class product for fully automatic blood pressure measurement on the upper arm, providing the user with the option of loading the measured values into the corresponding Beurer HealthManager software via USB connection and evaluating the data there. The white-illuminated XL display is not only easy to read from – it is also a perfect match for the bright appearance of the blood pressure monitor itself. The device is easy to use thanks to the illuminated START/STOP button and the coloured WHO** indicator for classification of the measurements. The other operating elements are in the form of touch buttons. Further functions of the BM 55 include the 2 x 60 memory spaces, the incorrect usage message, automatic switch-off and low battery indicator as well as the date and time display. It is also possible to access the average value of all stored measurements and morning and evening blood pressures for the last seven days. An arrhythmia detection function detects any cardiac arrhythmia and warns the user of this. The device has an integrated automatic pressure preselection and deflation for the measurement.

BM 75 – upper arm blood pressure monitor

The BM 75, which has already been decorated with a Plus X Award for its ease of use and functionality, is not just a fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement device – it also boasts innovative networking with your smartphone. The user can load measurements into the Beurer HealthManager (app, PC software or online version) via NFC (Near Field Communication) or USB, then evaluate and compare the data. The patented resting indicator* makes a significant contribution to the measurement accuracy, which has received an award from the Deutsche Hochdruckliga (German high blood pressure association). The device also reacts to incorrect usage. The jumbo LCD with white backlighting, illuminated touch buttons and illuminated START/STOP button ensure that the device is easy to use. The BM 75 has 2 x 60 memory spaces, which the user can also use to calculate the average value. Directly after the measurement, the integrated WHO** indicator classifies the values in accordance with World Health Organisation guidelines. The arrhythmia detection warns of any cardiac arrhythmia. Further functions of the BM 75: Automatic pressure preselection and deflation, low battery indicator and automatic switch-off as well as the date and time display.

* Patent EP 1 673 009
** WHO = World Health Organization