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Measure of wound healing

The number of patients with diabetes and of patients with arterial or venous diseases is increasing all over the world. All this patients run risk of getting wounds which do not heal or where healing is prolonged. Finally this may lead to amputation.
The O2C (oxygen to see) is the first device allowing to define whether a wound will heal or not – just by a measure inside the wound – lasting for about 10 seconds. Such a non-invasive investigation provides the physician with the information he requires to check whether his treatment will lead to success (healing) or not.
The O2C allows direct measures in the wound, so in the critically supplied tissue. The parameters of postcapillary oxygen, blood flow in the microcirculation and amount of haemoglobin define the status of wound healing capacity.
The device applies only white light and laser light into the tissue, without any risk for the patient. This technique can also be applied in many other clinical disciplines, e.g. for the monitoring of transplants, or for the patient monitoring in intensive care.

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