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Maxmat to launch new generation of Maxmat PL

MAXMAT to launch the new generation of MAXMAT PL: The MAXMAT PL II is the newest generation of the original MAXMAT PL, the world’s first open platform biomedical analyser.

The new version instrument still offers the possibility to configure the automated instrument in line with his/her needs. The instrument performs completely automated, high quality analytical tests in Clinical Chemistry, in Coagulation (both Chronometric & Chromogenic) and/or in Immunochemistry / ELISA, it is the end-user who decides whether to use the instrument to perform any one or a combination of these three applications. The instrument can also be equipped with a fully automated new ISE module, with tests for Na, K, Cl & Li.

New! High precision lifetime syringes
New! ISE module with Na, K, Cl & Li
New! Polyurethane moulded ergonomic cover
New! Long lasting halogen 20W lamp
New! Software version with extended features