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Joh. Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

Maximo – The children’s bed with charm – safe and norm-compliant

The revised Maximo children’s bed is Stiegelmeyer’s answer, in advance, to the
anticipated requirements of the forthcoming new German standard DIN 32623
for children’s beds. The focus is not only on the stricter requirements with regard
start for both mother and child.

The familiar height-adjustable and tiltable mattress base promotes the well-being of the young
patient and provides a convenient working height for the personnel. The height of the side guards
can be continuously and noiselessly adjusted via a control pedal to enable quick and easy access
to the child, whilst at the same time protection is provided against their misuse. The effective side
guard height has been increased to 80 cm above the mattress base in the new model.

Optional Plexiglas panels in the headboards and footboards provide an unrestricted view and a
more open appearance. The Maximo is perfectly
equipped for day-to-day hospital life, with its swivel bin for nappies, a practical washing basket
and its four wall deflection rollers for flexible use
and the protection of materials.

With the Maximo too, the greatest importance was attached once again, during the selection
of materials and their methods of application, to hygiene, robustness and suitability for daily use.