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Martin medTVdigital - The Camera System for Operating Lights

Digital data transmission via internal and external data networks
Thanks to the use of highly advanced digital video compression techniques, it is now possible to transmit video sequences via data networks and store them in a space-saving way. This technology enables MPEG-2 formats in DVD quality and network-optimized MPEG-4 signals to be fed into existing data networks without any compatibility problems. Apart from video transmission, the system also allows bi-directional audio transmission. Therefore, the Martin medTVdigital camera system is simply ideal for documentation as well as educational and training purposes.

While the fully rotatable arm systems ensure that your operating lights are fully mobile and can be conveniently positioned in accordance with your surgical needs, the single-point ball-joint suspension enables fast and easy adjustment of the camera.

Control unit with numerous options
In addition to the iris, zoom and focusing functions, the control unit offers an automatic white balance for selecting the optimal color temperature under given lighting conditions. The digital image stabilizer corrects blurs fully automatically. The digital video transmission function enables you to feed the video signal into the hospital's network (LAN) to be instantly available at any point of the system. Besides, powerful software features are available that let you conveniently access and control the camera via TCP/IP protocol.

In conjunction with the software, therefore, the medTVdigital camera system can be readily used in telemedicine without any restrictions.

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