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Marodyne Medical, LLC.

Marodyne Medical Leading the Way in Low Intensity Vibration Therapy

Marodyne Medical has developed a safe and effective non-drug treatment for acute injury and chronic metabolic diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, and bone marrow failure. Building on 25 years of research and development, Marodyne is working to restore mobility, vitality, and independence to the individual patient, whether in a medical facility or at home.

Creating the Science That Accelerates Recovery:

Marodyne is leading the research, development, and commercialization of medical devices that utilize Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) to accelerate and enhance the healing process following injury. Over the past 25 years, this research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.

LIV is a type of low-magnitude mechanical signal, delivered by an oscillating platform at a frequency of 30-90 cycles per second (Hz). These treatments have been clinically proven to regulate critical stem-cell processes central to the regeneration of tissues, such as bone. Unlike WBV, LIV Therapy is safe enough for seniors with severe osteoporosis and effective enough to improve the performance of a professional athlete.

Similar to exercise, LIV is able to exert beneficial effects to many physiological systems, and Marodyne researchers have extensively studied how such small vibrations are able to achieve such substantial benefits. Clinical studies show that LIV aids in the prevention of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, promotes bone and muscle growth in young osteoporotic women, and increases bone density in children with disabilities.

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