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Medlinx Acacia Pte Ltd

Marketing of Next Generation Hernia Mesh

Singapore based medical device company, Medlinx Acacia Pte. Ltd. has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its Class IIb hernia mesh product.


The market for hernia repair was reported to be worth US$1.1B in 2011 in the United States alone and expected to reach US$1.5B by 2015 (Global Industry Analysts Inc.). The US market represents roughly half the global market, which is estimated to grow at more than 6% per year (Frost & Sullivan 2011). The rise in the elderly population and the growing obesity epidemic are both trends that are expected to further fuel the procedure's demand in the future.


Medlinx Acacia has filed worldwide patents around its surgical mesh technology. Its novel manufacturing process enables the mesh to be easily configured for any kind of hernia repair. This proprietary manufacturing process also ensures that Medlinx mesh can be made at the highest quality, affordably and efficiently.


A polymer, polyvinylidene-fluoride (PVDF), is a key component in Medlinx Surgical Mesh and is chosen for its superior aging profiles and lower inflammation and infection profiles compared to existing synthetic mesh materials. "From the scientific background, PVDF is probably the best material for mesh construction today and therefore I will use it as my first choice as soon as an appropriate mesh will be available," says a renowned Hernia surgeon with over 24 years of surgical experience.


Medlinx Surgical Mesh is the first PVDF based surgical mesh to be approved for sale by FDA. This milestone paves the way for future generations of Medlinx mesh.


Medlinx is excited to have developed Singapore’s first hernia mesh product and credits Nanyang Technological University(NTU) and SPRING Singapore for their continuous support.