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Magnisense and Indicia announce joint testing platform

Paris, February 19, 2006—Magnisense, a developer of next generation immunoassays for human and animal diagnostics, food safety and environmental protection, announces today the availability of a platform for customers in the diagnostics industry to test solutions based on Magnisense’s MIAtek™ technology. The platform has been developed within a partnership, also announced today, with Indicia Biotechnology, an immune technology specialist based in Lyon, France.

MIAtek™ employs magnetic beads as markers, replacing the traditional enzymatic or fluorescent methods. Magnisense has already developed a portable reader which can identify and quantify accurately a biological target using superparamagnetic beads as markers.

By linking up with Indicia, Magnisense opens the way for diagnostics or life science companies who wish to use MIAtek™ for their own applications to develop quickly and economically tests which are specifically adapted to the desired markers and based on their own parameters.

“Before or after acquiring a license from Magnisense, any of our customers can now rapidly judge the value of our technology thanks to our jointly-developed tests,” said Luc Lenglet, CEO of Magnisense. “Indicia brings two indispensable skills to the development of MIAtek™ technology: immunoassays and reagents for the magnetic beads.”

“As well as extending our range of products and services, this partnership with Magnisense allows us to work on what we see as the future generation of immunoassays based on magnetic technology,” said Stéphane Legastelois, chairman of Indicia Biotechnology. “Companies interested in Magnisense’s technology can now see quickly and easily for themselves the advantages such as the increased sensitivity and the quantification of fast testing.”

About Indicia Biotechnology
Founded in 1998 in Lyon, France, Indicia Biotechnology has established itself as a major OEM partner for pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, since most of those companies have become aware that outsourcing is the perfect way for speeding up their developments. Our 17-staff company offers custom designed services focusing on development and manufacturing of immunoassays and reagents.

Indicia Biotechnology offers a large range of technologies and assay formats including ELISA, Latex, Lateral flow test, magnetic-beads immunoassay, multiplexing tests based on xMAP® technology (Luminex®), antibody services…

The whole organisation is working towards quality standards (ISO 9001:2000 – GLP) in order to ensure that its development and production processes generate maximum performances and meet customer satisfaction. All results obtained in R&D phases are the ownership of our customer.

About Magnisense
Magnisense develops and markets a new generation of immunoassays for human and animal diagnostics, food safety and environmental protection. These innovative immunoassays are based on magnetic bead markers, which deliver the accuracy of laboratory testing with the ease of use of rapid test methods currently on the market.

Magnisense’s MIAtek™ technology allows the detection and precise quantification of a biological target using superparamagnetic beads as markers. These beads, free of interference from environmental factors that affect other approaches, replace the widely used enzyme- or fluorescence-based markers. MIAtek™ was developed from research carried out by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Magnisense is developing two application areas:
MIAstrip™: Single dose tests, producing objective, quantifiable and traceable results via a portable reader for cardiac, tetanus, microbial or viral infection markers such as avian flu.
MIAflo™: Disposable cartridges for detection of bacterial contamination in food products, e.g. Listeria and Salmonella, or in water, e.g. Legionella, with a sensitivity that brings a significant reduction in testing time.

Founded in 2003, Magnisense has raised two rounds of financing for a total of EUR 5.5 million from Baring Vostok Capital Partners and private investors.