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Mohanet Mobilsystems Zrt

MOHAnet has won the "Best Azure Application in CEE" prize

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Zrt was rewarded by a worldwide acknowledgement in July, as one of the products of the company has won the "Your Business, Your Fame" competition organized by Mircrosoft in the title of "Best Windows Azure Application of CEE". The Hungarian company has won the jury's recognition with the Telemedbook health social portal and the related complex hardware and software services. This honourable prize was handed over at the Microsoft World Partner Conference in Toronto.

The MOHAnet Mobilsystems Zrt, during its 6 year operation, has achieved the biggest acknowledgement at the competition of Microsoft called "Your Business, Your Fame" held in July. The multinational company, trustworthly to the traditions, called for competition of development in spring, where the MOHAnet competed for the cloud service of Microsoft in the category of application developed for Azure.

The MOHAnet has participated at the competition with the health social portal called Telemedbook, which assists the users, after registering free of charge, in collecting health related parameters. The data can be uploaded to the website at the simpliest way with the assistance of the Vario Medcare, the elderly supervising mobile device developed by MOHAnet, as the variant medical instruments can be attached to the device due to its Bluetooth facility. The part of the tender was about also a whole background service including all softwares (Helios, HeliosAdmin, Geoserver, Mercury Alarm, Mercurio Commander) and other technical contents as well.

During the judgement, Microsoft has taken several aspects into consideration: besides the product idea and design, the business concept, the market potential and the feasibility were counted. According to these aspects, the MOHAnet Mobilsystems Zrt has leaded the competition together with the Russian developing company called Abbyy, therefore the final decision was brought after voting by the jury. On the basis of solid vote, the MOHAnet has come out at top and has won the "Best Azure Application of CEE" prize.

" I consider as a great success, that we have won the Microsoft prize, just for that reason as well, that the MOHAnet is far smaller and younger company compared to its competitors. Perhaps it is enough to mention, that the second postioned company called Abbyy has been on the market for 23 years and employs appr. 1000 persons worldwide." - said Mr. Zoltán Havasi, the CEO of MOHAnet Mobilsystems Zrt after taking over the prize. " I am proud of what our company managed to achieve in 6 years and I trust, that this recognition will assist us in expanding our bussiness over the borders and seas as well" - added by the CEO.