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MIS-hip-device provides reliable and flexible support for orthopedic surgery

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The number of hip and knee joint implant operations is on the rise. In 2009 alone a total of 210,000 patients received endoprosthetic hip replacements in Germany. On an age-adjusted basis, implant frequency has increased by nine percent since 2003 while the number of corrective operations for hip joints grew by 41 percent. The German Association of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (DBOOC) ascertained these figures.

TRUMPF’s extension unit with MIS-hip-device supports surgeons and OR staff in efficiently coping with the mounting volume of operations. Thanks to its handling concept, both flexible and at the same time safe, it facilitates the entire surgical procedure – and accelerates the healing process for patients.

Positioning patients easily and safely
Working on the basis of new findings in the field of arthrosis prevention, greater and greater emphasis is being placed on arthroscopy in hip surgery. By focusing on preserving the joint, minimally invasive surgery reduces pain for the patients, boosts efficiency in daily OR work and speeds healing processes, thus helping to relieve the load on the healthcare system. TRUMPF’s extension unit with MIS-hip-device perfectly matches this medical progress. In preparation for arthroscopies or total hip replacement using minimally invasive procedures, the nursing staff can gently extend the patient’s leg as required while still achieving optimum access to the operating field. The leg can be extended, rotated, flected and both abducted or adducted. A combination of all these movements is also possible. The extension unit features a high degree of flexibility coupled with the necessary stability, enabling it to reliably withstand even the high forces encountered, for example, when the femoral head is dislocated during hip arthroscopy. Furthermore, a novel extension boot ensures that the patient’s foot is held securely in the correct position at all times. To prevent the patient’s pelvic bone becoming misaligned as a result of the extreme position, tandem-joint struts may be used to put the other leg in a compensatory position.

Mobile and stable use of TRUMPF’s slender extension unit with MIS-hip-device was a major selling point for Dr. Christian Gatzka. As a test and development customer, the senior physician at the Orthopedic and Trauma Center in the Park-Krankenhaus hospital in Leipzig, Germany, has been testing the MIS-hip-device since March 2010. “A patient’s position can readily be changed, whenever necessary, using grips and handles and without any risk,” confirms Gatzka. “This external handling is much simpler for the surgical nursing team. There is greater control over movements and, above all, those movements require significantly less physical exertion than other systems.”

More efficiency in the OR
Easy handling of the TRUMPF extension unit with MIS-hip-device represents a tremendous advantage for surgical services at Leipzig’s Park-Krankenhaus. “Our OR times have gone down by around 20 to 30 percent as a result,” says Gatzka. Another important point for efficient procedures, he adds, is the system’s compatibility with TRUMPF’s JUPITER and TruSystem 7500 operating tables, which permit quick and easy mounting at any time. The unit docks directly onto the operating table, requires no floor supports and thus gives the OR team complete freedom of movement.

New capabilities are also opened up for intraoperative X-ray diagnostics. Using the version with carbon-fiber extension struts, assisted by the intelligent arrangement of the attachment points, low-artifact 360-degree fluoroscopy of the entire pelvis is possible. The healthy leg is swung out of the range of the X-ray equipment and the damaged or diseased hip is examined using a C-arm. “This lets us take excellent pictures of hip extensions and flexions,” explains Gatzka. The medical staff at Park-Krankenhaus Leipzig uses the unit for offset corrections on the femoral neck or in labrum and cartilage surgery, for example. Dr. Gatzka and his team are particularly enthusiastic about the unit’s universal applicability, which also enables minimally invasive surgery or treatment of hip fractures.

TRUMPF is presenting the extension unit with MIS-hip-device at MEDICA 2010 in Düsseldorf from November 17 to 21 as well as at the International Hip Arthroscopy Meeting taking place in Munich from November 19 to 20, 2010.