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Erba Lachema s. r. o.


MIKRO-LA-TEST®, a prestigeous product line in the field of microbial analysis, is a part of the Erba Lachema product porfolio.

This identification system for bacteria and yeasts has been designed for the use in microbiology laboratories primarily. The undisputed advantage of the whole system is the possibility of both visual and automatic reading using updated evaluation software.

On the occasion of MEDICA 2010, Erba Lachema introduces new non-reagent diagnostic kits:

CANDIDA-Screen (identification of 12 clinically most significant yeasts)

ENTEROtest 24 (identification of Enterobacteria, Aeromonas and Vibrio species)

NEFERMtest 24 (identification of Gram-negative non-fermenting bacteria, Aeromonas and Vibrio species)

The further main strengths of the new kits are:

** cost-effective result without use of reagents and suspension media

** time-effectivenest – reading of results within 24 hours of incubation

** colour scales and code books are part of the identification kits