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MELOS Medizinische Labor-Organisations-Systeme GmbH

MELOS R.6 Integrated : Lab Communication in corporate structures

The integration of single bits of data and isolated IT specifications to a completely high performance product and long-term orientated solution are determining the product development of tomorrow and therefore the critical needs of the future lab business.

Data and information flow and material flow as well as the demands of modern net and web based communication require a common and flexible data model. Labs will moreover differentiate between locally organised analytic processes and centrally organised competences (e g . invoicing, quality management).

Masta data and order data will be comfortably replicated in the MELOS Master Data Server to different locations.

For domestic and international activities multilingual information portals are helpful guides for all users and simultaneously facilitate working in a global world.

MELOS R.6 Integrated is the lab software for designing the future! Assure your investments with future-oriented technologies and more than 20 years of competence and know-how in the lab sector with

• MELOS Master Data Server (MSDS)
• International Information Desk/Portal
• MVZ invoicing
• Status Management (Work in Process)
• Quality Management
• System Monitoring (Nagios)
• Lab communication in corporate structures
• Audit trails (tracking and trace ability)

MELOS - a long-time partner for laboratory specialists, laboratory communities and hospitals - is one of the technological market leaders for complex laboratory compound systems (specialist, hospital and laboratory community system, MVZ).
Laboratory industry solutions such as microbiology, animal laboratory, environmental laboratory, cytogenesis, blood depot etc. are integrated.