Entrance area to the MEDIZ SPB – MEDICAL FAIR 2015


International Medical Fair & Congress

11 – 13 October 2017

City: St. Petersburg, Russia
Venue: EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Organiser: Messe Düsseldorf Moscow OOO
Established: 2013
Project management: Elena Shapkina



Alexander Menshov

Phone: + 7 812 320 6132, + 7 812 320 6137
Fax: + 7 812 320 6132

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EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia
MEDIZ SPB – MEDICAL FAIR 2015 information counter
Entrance area to the MEDIZ SPB – MEDICAL FAIR 2015
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People in the midst of discussion in the trade fair halls
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Profile data

Main product groups
  • Electromedical equipment/medical technology
  • Radiology
  • Cardiology
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Commodities and consumer goods
  • Medical services/publications
  • Military medicine/survival medicine
  • Ophthalmology/optics
  • Communication and information technology

Visitor target groups
  • General practitioners
  • Health ministry officials
  • Hospital doctors/nursing staff
  • Hospital managers
  • Medical trade
  • Medical industry
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Public institutions




Total exhibitors


Total visitors


Key economic data 2015 to 2017* for Russia

Real change in % in comparison with previous year
*2016 + 2017: Forecast
GDP 2015-2017
Gross capital investment 2015–2017
Import 2015–2017

Market Data for "Medical Technology"

billion RUB (2014)

Market volume*




*Calculation: Local production + import – export (deviations caused by rounding)

Outline data (Source: Statistisches Bundesamt)

Value (year)

Number of inhabitants (million)

146.2 (2015)

Population increase (% p.a.)

0.1 (2015)

Average life expectancy at birth (years)

71.5 (2015)

Proportion of health expenditure to GDP (%)

3.5 (2014)

Doctors / 100,000 inhabitants

491 (2012)

Hospital beds / 100,000 inhabitants

929 (2012)

Future prospects for “Medical Technology”

Economic output is continuing to decrease in Russia, but less rapidly than it did last year. The fact that the market for medical technology is continuing to shrink cannot be denied. In addition to the sense of reservation towards western manufacturers, there is also the fact that public spending on health has been cut further in 2016 by an estimated 8 per cent, to approximately 7 billion euros. Almost half of this figure is accounted for by the procurement of medical technology and consumables, with the majority being spent on covering personnel and administration costs. The number of new hospitals and hospitals to be modernised is also falling. Despite improvements in the home medical technology industry, dependency on imports, particularly with advanced technology, is approximately 80 to 90 per cent. Despite the high dependency on imports, Russian imports of medical technology are falling – this has been caused by financing problems, the government policy of import substitution and the considerable devaluation of the ruble, which has led to a large increase in the price of imports.

Source: Germany Trade & Invest,      
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