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MEDIVista™ Software Upgrade Adds Better Functionality at the Bed-Side

Lincor Solutions has announced the latest upgrade to its MEDIVista™ point-of-care entertainment, communications and information system software, providing enhanced functionality for clinicians, hospital managers and patients alike. The new version brings broader interoperability with external patient records, superior security using contactless smart cards, simpler payment options and advanced new media capabilities for bed-side web users.

The updated software is will be available for all new MEDIVista deployments from today, and will be available as an upgrade to Lincor’s existing installations.

MEDIVista is acknowledged as the market-leading integrated solution for delivering digital entertainment, communication and information to patients on the ward. Using either new or legacy infrastructures, it provides a comprehensive range of services: from telephony with voicemail and voice response; through digital or analogue television and video on demand, internet access and audio books, to digital radio and games. Alongside such services MEDIVista makes wide-ranging hospital information system facilities available at the bed-side, such as electronic patient records, patient satisfaction surveys, and catering and dietary control information.

This latest version of the software adds Health Level Seven (HL7) interfacing to the existing patient record technologies. HL7 specifies a number of flexible standards, guidelines, and methodologies whereby various healthcare systems can communicate with each other, enabling information to be shared and processed in a uniform and consistent manner. In particular, it specifies messaging standards that define how information is packaged and communicated from one party to another. With HL7 interfaces now offered in MEDIVista, clinicians and management can access records from different departments within the hospital, together with data from external authorities and agencies.

In addition, the software now supports contactless smart cards, providing single sign-on access control using cards based on the MIFARE and HID radio frequency ID standards. This complements MEDIVista’s existing support for smart-card security: however, those using RFID can log into the
system without inserting a card, as the technology can read data from several feet away.

Bed-side patient services are improved by adding a variety of new browser capabilities to the MEDIVista terminal. New plug-ins include the facility to display new media-rich Acrobat 9 PDF documents and Flash 9 interactive content; and the software can also stream audio and video in a variety of formats to the bed-side unit. Voice over IP telephony is a further option for patients, providing the ability to make free or low cost Skype calls from their terminals.

Furthermore, the MEDIVista software upgrade adds the facility for patient terminals and vending kiosks to read credit and debit cards, making it simpler for patients to pay for value-added services. Also, the vendor is now equipped to operate in multiple languages, changing between English, French and Italian at the touch of a button.

The introduction of new software reinforces Lincor’s position as market leaders in the digital hospital sector, with solutions now installed at over 10,000 hospital beds in some 46 hospitals worldwide. Patient well-being is enhanced by having access to entertainment and communication services, while for hospitals, productivity and patient safety is improved by giving medical staff the ability to access clinical applications at the point of care.