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MEDICOM® - Europe’s First Collagen-Infused Nitrile Medical Examination Glove

Medicom brings the science of skincare to the medical examination glove with this launch of Europe’s First Collagen Nitrile Glove.

Collagen gives skin its strength and flexibility and helps to maintain and promote the appearance of smoothness. Injected and coated with the lotion-like compound for maximum benefit to hands, new Medicom Safetouch Collagen Nitrile gloves will help promote smoother, softer skin and combat certain signs of aging. These gloves are made from soft, flexible, form fitting nitrile, which offers maximum comfort, plus protection against latex allergies.

Skin moisturizers can help prevent dryness and moisturize dry skin, but not all lotions, moisturizers and creams are compatible with hand hygiene products and glove materials. To promote hands as soft as silk, Medicom offers new SafeTouch Collagen Nitrile Gloves.

SafeTouch Collagen® is one of the latest in a line of innovative products from Medicom®, the company behind other well-known brands such as Safe+Mask face masks, Safe-Seal® Duet sterilization pouches and Safe Gauze® non-woven sponges.

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Medicom SafeTouch Collagen – For hands as soft as silk

Since 1988, Medicom® has been dedicated to manufacturing and distributing trusted high quality infection control and patient care products worldwide. Medicom® is committed to deliver customer satisfaction second to none.

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