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Photo: Young woman uses an exercise device at MEDICA
15 - 16 November 2017
Wednesday + Thursday

Congress Center Düsseldorf Süd
CCD Süd / South

Focal Topic 2017: Spine and upper extremity

The shoulder is in the service of the hand and the function of the arm depends on the stability and mobility of the spine. Patients with symptoms in this function area represent a large patient group in physiotherapy. The speakers of the 4th MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE bring you up-to-date on the topics announced and also offer a lot of practical knowledge for daily practice.

The MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE is organized by Georg Thieme Verlag and FiHH The Fortbildungsinstitut. The conference language is German.

The participation in the MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE is a charged and requires a separate ticket order with registration. The conference ticket includes the visit of the two trade fairs MEDICA and COMPAMED and of all MEDICA / COMPAMED forums.

Physiotherapists will receive 12 education points for attending the complete course.

Participation Fees

Foto: Visitor with eTicket at barcode scanner
  • MPC 2-day ticket: 99.00 €
  • MPC 2-day ticket reduced: 59.00 €
  • MPC 1-day ticket: 79.00 €
  • MPC 1-day ticket reduced: 39.00 €

(eTickets available from August 2017)

The lectures and workshops 2017

Wednesday, 15 Nov. 2017

    • 12.30 - 13:15 h:
      Intervertebral disc problems LWS / HWS
      Doris Brötz

    • 13:15 - 14:00 h:
      Operational possibilities for radical symptoms of cervical spine
      PD Dr. med. Jörn Steinhagen

    • 15.00 - 15.30 h:
      Therapeutic exercises on flat back
      Gaby Henzmann-Mathys

    • 15.30 - 16:00 h:
      TOS – Thoracic outlet Syndrom
      Thomas Brucha

    • 16:00 - 16:30 h:
      Easy Flossing
      Sven Kruse

Thursday, 16 Nov. 2017

    • 09:00 - 09:45 h:
      The unstable wrist tests and therapy approaches

      Andrea Zander

    • 09:45 - 10:30 h:
      Scar therapy

      Nils E. Bringeland

    • 11.30 - 12:00 h:
      Myths and facts about therapy for lateral elbow pain

      Prof. Dr. Thilo Kromer 

    • 12.00 - 12.30 h:
      Therapy for multidirectional instability of the shoulder

      Tobias Baierle

    • 12.30 - 13:00 h:
      Instrument-supported fascial therapy

      Jürgen Förster 

Impressions from the practice of physical therapy - photo gallery

Please click on the arrows on the right or on the left of each picture to browse through the pictures. For a bigger view please click the symbol below the lower right corner of each picture.

Photo: Visitor at MEDICA looks at a special suit that hampers movement
Unexpected meeting: an "age suit" like this hampers movement and sight. The wearer is supposed to feel like an elderly person.
Photo: Young woman is suspended in a rehabilitation robot that supports walking
Rehabilitation robots like this relieve patients who, for example, recover from a stroke and need to learn how to walk again. They can focus on the movement while the robot carries their weight.
Photo: Colorful therapy balls for exercises and for sitting
Therapy balls like these are just one of the many products for physical therapy that can be found at MEDICA each year.
Photo: Fair visitors watch a software for gait analysis at a monitor
ICT is conquering physcial therapy, too. Software like this for gait analysis can show skeletal malpositions and...
Photo: Software for gait analysis shown at a monitor the therapeutic decisions and the work of orthopedists, physcial therapists and manufacturers of therapeutic aids.
Photo: Fair visitors look at images and models of the spine at a monitor
The right bearing of legs and spine is closely connected.
Photo: Therapeutic excercise weights in many different colors
Not only colorful balls, but also colorful weights are used in rehabilitation.
Photo: Barbara Steffens visits MEDICA
Barbara Steffens (right), Minister of Health, Emancipation, Care and Age for the Federal State of North Rhine-Westfalia, is a regular visitor of MEDICA. An exhibitor is showing her therapeutic exercises.
Photo: Visitor during an exercise
Visitors of MEDICA can set their own hands (and feet and knees) to the numerous exercise tools.
Photo: Exhibitor is showcasing a bow-shaped exercise tool
And if you do not want to get active yourself: our exhibitors like to show their tools to you.

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