The MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE main objective is the interdisciplinary exchange between international sports medicine experts, professional athletes and sport techies, the sporting goods and healthcare industries.

Foto: MMSC Stage
It is the leading exchange platform for new sport medical therapies in prevention, regeneration and rehabilitation, and connects renowned sport medical experts, medtech and healthcare companies, sport techies, sporting goods industry, and all other stakeholders who are interested in the topic.

On November 15th and 16th the future will be on the agenda. The first two sessions "The Future of Sports Medicine in 2030" and "Sports Medicine Roadmap 2030" will focus on the changes for the next 15 years, on the topics that will be on the agenda, and on how roles will change.  In his opening keynote Professor Dr. Robert Riener will give an exciting insight into his "Cyborg Games". Pilots using robot-supported assistance technologies compete agains each other. Moreover, the topics "Predictive Medicine" and the redefinition of roles  will be presented and discussed by renowned international experts. On the first day attendees of the MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE can take part in the popular "Guided Innovation Tour" to selected innovation highlights at MEDICA. Included in this tour is also the WT Show at MEDICA with the latest in healthcare wearables.

The established conference topics "Training Programs and Equipment – New Findings" and "Latest Innovations in Monitoring Vital Data and Sports Performance" will take place on the second day of the conference. Attendees will learn if vigorous endurcance training will be a harm or benefit to the heart, how exercise can improve cognitive and mental health, and reduce burn-out risk. In the concluding session 5 "Digital Innovations in Recreational and Elite Sports" new approaches and findings will be shown for posture monitoring and training, measurement of body core temperature, the use of vibrating massage rolls in top teams, and new training approaches and tools for swimming and kids soccer. And many more to come. Stay tuned!
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