MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2015 sheds light on the future of surgery -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
Innovations for operating theatres presented at MEDICA

MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2015 sheds light on the future of surgery

Medical technological systems that require medical expertise and technological know-how to be closely linked will be the primary focus at the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE, the informational platform for medicine and medical technology. It will once again be held in Düsseldorf from 16 to 19 November 2015 within the scope of the world’s largest medical trade fair, MEDICA, with around 4,800 exhibitors and recently around 130,000 specialist visitors taking part on a regular basis. This year, a day of the event will be dedicated to surgery and new operation techniques.

On 16 November 2015, the primary focus will be on innovations in the field of surgery. Within the scope of symposiums and frontal lectures on “Science and Medical Technology”, experts from the hospital, research and industrial sectors will be explaining and discussing which aids will provide support to surgeons in the operating theatre in the future. How can interventions be carried out in an even further minimally invasive manner whilst being even gentler on patients? Engineers and physicians are cooperating on a world-wide level to bring surgical systems out of laboratory and into hospitals.

The telesurgery system “MiroSurge”

One example of this includes the telesurgery system, which was developed by researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) located in Oberpfaffenhofen, which will be deployable in operating theatres in a few years. A basic component of the system includes the “Miro” robotic arm. Several of these Miro arms together with an input console with a 3D display and two tactile input devices make up the “MiroSurge” system. The surgeon controls several input arms at one time using input devices located a few metres away from the patient. Thereby, one robot arm is equipped with a stereo HD endoscope camera that transmits video images of the patient. The other two arms are equipped with DLR instruments for working with both hands within the operating field. These instruments are powered by electrically driven motors and sensors are located at the tips of them. The highly sophisticated integration of sensors allows direct interaction to take place between physicians, robots and patients. This means that the sensors measure split-second interactions that take place between the tissue within the operating field. These are passed on to physicians as a tactile experience – they feel that they are cutting into tissue.

Fascinating worlds of technology: from the conference to the specialised trade fair

After a day of visiting the conference with a special theme, in the trade fair halls, participants can allow themselves to be inspired by other innovations in the field of surgery offered by respective MEDICA 2015 exhibitors. The time structure of the conference has been set up in such a way that the last events come to an end at 4:00 p.m. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to dive into the fascinating worlds of medical technology until 6:30 p.m, when the gates to the MEDICA trade fair will be closed.


Besides surgery, the three other days of the conference offer a key focus on imaging, endoscopy and interventions (17 November 2015), geriatrics, palliative care and nutritional medicine (18 November 2015) as well as infectiology, inflammation and laboratory medicine (19 November 2015).

These emphases make it easier for day guests to selectively participate in the conference. As was already the case the previous year, the day admission ticket for the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE is also valid for visiting MEDICA.

As of this year, MEDICA and COMPAMED are going to be held at a new set of times

As of this year, the world’s largest medical trade fair, MEDICA, and the COMPAMED, the leading international trade fair for suppliers of the medical technology industry being held at the same time, are always going to take place in Düsseldorf during the month of November on the days running from Monday to Thursday. Focusing on the “normal” working days of the week from Monday to Thursday (instead of Wednesday to Saturday, as was the case up until now) will make it possible to provide better guest distribution for the professional audience across all four days in the future, enabling exhibitor presentations as well as their stand infrastructure to be utilised in a more consistent manner.

Date of the next MEDICA in Düsseldorf 16 – 19/11/2015
Date of the next COMPAMED in Düsseldorf: 16 – 19/11/2015

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