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MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2014 kicked off – groundbreaking concept

350 speakers and 280 sessions on four days: today saw the kickoff of this year's MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE in Düsseldorf with its focus on “Science Meets Medical Technology”. At the opening event of the conference that is an integral part of the trade exhibition MEDICA, Conference President Professor Dr. Hendrik Lehnert stressed the importance of modern medical technology for all major medical disciplines. An active exchange between medical professionals, developers, and manufacturers is essential, Prof. Dr. Lehnert said. He stated that the conference, which also includes an industry symposium, is the ideal platform for such an exchange.

Medical advancements often coincide with technological developments: walkers with sat-nav systems guide patients suffering from dementia; social freezing enables ovary cancer patients to start families; robotic and computer assisted surgery deliver high-precision operations; and new biomarkers help preserve joints by allowing early diagnoses of rheumatism. “Innovations like these offer direct benefits to patients,” Professor Lehnert says. “For doctors they often break new ground in therapy and diagnostics.” Without the connections between medicine and technology, numerous therapeutic and diagnostic options like heart catheters, artificial joints, and modern medical imaging would never have been possible. “It’s a reciprocal process, as medical research also triggers new developments in technology,” Professor Lehnert adds.

This interconnection of science and medical technology is at the heart of the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2014, an integral part of the world’s largest medical trade show MEDICA with approximately 4,800 exhibitors. The conference offers a platform for exchange and discussions between international scientists, doctors, medical professionals, purchasing experts for hospitals, developers, and manufacturers. Each of the four conference days is dedicated to one topic: infections and inflammations, telemedicine and robotics, gastrointestinal oncology, and interventional medicine. The conference is a certified, cross-disciplinary CME event; participants can be awarded a maximum of eight credit points per day.

On the days dedicated to telemedicine and robotics and interventional medicine, respectively, the scientific program will highlight and explore innovations in technology. Doctors of various disciplines will have the chance to discover new, faster, more reliable and more cost-efficient options in patient care, based on new information technology. Experts demonstrate computer assisted surgery to illustrate the opportunities that robotics brings to medicine. “Doctors need to know what technology innovations are out there and for which applications they are suitable if they want to take advantage of them. Manufacturers and developers, on the other hand, need input from scientists, hospitals, and private practices to keep innovating,” explains Professor Dr. med. Hendrik Lehnert, Director of the Medical Clinic | University Clinic Schleswig-Holstein Campus Lübeck and President of Lübeck University.

An industry symposium on modern sonography, which gives visitors a chance to meet manufacturers directly, completes the conference program as an additional, hands-on platform. Participating manufacturers are ZONARE, Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH, Philips GmbH Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems GmbH, and Siemens GmbH Siemens Healthcare Deutschland. The event gives doctors who use sonography for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes an opportunity for direct exchange with product managers.

For the first time this year, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH partnered with the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM) to coordinate MEDICA and give the conference program a sharper, more future-oriented profile: MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2014 is designed as a day-filling continuing medical/scientific education program including clinical symposia, seminars, workshops, and an industry symposium. Like its parent event MEDICA, the conference has an international scope. Numerous international speakers have accepted the invitation to share their knowledge and exchange experiences in Düsseldorf. There will be an interpretation service for several sessions so that international participants can join the discussions. Participants of MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE can also visit the trade exhibition MEDICA. “Very few continuing education events offer such a level of international and cross-disciplinary connectedness. I am convinced that our conference concept delivers true value to our participants and will benefit them in their daily work in the clinic, private practice, or lab," Hendrik Lehnert stresses.

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