Foto:  Three men at the opening ceremony of the MFC

China Medical Innovation Forum

6 – 8 September 2018

City: Suzhou
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel

Organiser: Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;
China Service Alliance of Medical Devices Innovation (CSAMDI)

Established: 2016
Project management: Rebecca Qiang


Rebecca Qiang
Telephone: +86 10 65907 101
Fax: +86 10 65907 347

Profile data

Analysis of delegates
  •  CEO/president/owner/partner
  •  Director-business development/product/technical/marketing
  •  Purchasing manager in hospitals and clinics
  •  Doctor/professor/analyst/researcher/engineer
  •  Manager-project/customer/marketing/product
  •  Specialist/assistant
  •  Others

Key economic data 2014 to 2016* for China

Real change in % in comparison with previous year
*2015, 2016: Forecast
GDP 2014-2016
Gross capital investment 2014–2016
Import (only goods)

Market Data for "Medical Technology"

in Mio US $ (2014)

Market volume**




CAGR medical device sales in the years 2010–2017


**Calculation: turnover of local producers + import – export

Outline data

Value (year)

Number of inhabitants (billion)

1.37 (2014)

Population increase (% p.a.)

0.5 (2014)

Average life expectancy at birth (years)

76.1 (2016)

Proportion of health expenditure to GDP (%)

6.0 (2015)

Doctors / 100,000 inhabitants

221 (2015)

Hospital beds / 100,000 inhabitants

511 (2015)

Future prospects for “Medical Technology”

Currently, China’s medical device industry is still in an infant stage when it comes to innovation, with weak R&D capability and high dependence on imported core technology and key parts, while having only limited self-owned brands, most of which are targeting medium or low-end markets. However, it is considered a rising industry with a promising outlook, driven by product diversity and constantly improving innovation, generating strong domestic and overseas market demand. Presently, global consumption for medical devices in relation to drugs is 7:10; this ratio is 1:1 in developed countries but only about 1: 2.5 in China. It is evident that China’s medical device market has huge potential.

Statistics reveal that between 2008 and 2012, China’s medical device market sales increased at a CAGR of 18.8% from 121.08 billion RMB to 241.18 billion RMB. Sales are expected to further increase to 494.23 billion RMB by 2017 with an estimated CAGR of 15.4%. Increasing demand by a large population, a sizable talent pool of well-trained medical device professionals, and strong government support for medical device technology innovation offer guaranteed and sustained momentum for future growth of the Chinese medical device industry. As a sunrise industry, China’s medical device business will undoubtedly continue its high-speed growth.

Source: Germany Trade & Invest,,
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